A Winter Tradition

A friend on this trip mentioned how her son was asked to talk at school about a family tradition, and they came up with their annual winter hut trip. I love that this is her family's tradition, and one that we share as well. My kids look forward to this so much throughout the year. We are so very fortunate to have this in our backyard.

This year started with -29 C temps, and over 40 cm of new snow with no tracksetting at all. Conditions were tough for the adults, pulling pulks and Chariots (loaded with food and wine) 12 km into the hut, but the kids blasted up and over the pass. We spent the weekend completely unplugged and playing. I love communal hut life, despite the snoring. We made snow ice cream, played chess, and made countless snow forts and jumps.

This is one tradition I never want to change.