It's been an eventful month, spent in Nicaragua with Christian Children's Fund of Canada, and then Costa Rica with my family.

I have been privileged to sit on the Board of Directors for this charity for the last 7 years. They partner with local NGOs in 6 countries and work to eradicate poverty. CCFC and its partners spend 10-15 years in a community working to improve health, sanitation, education, employment and human rights protection. I had the distinct pleasure of visiting 9 communities that work with CCFC in Nicaragua.

I met so many Nicaraguans who are interested in changing their communities. They work hard to reduce violence, improve their access to health care, education, food, and they are involved every step of the way in determining their needs.  I believe the world is changed one person at a time, and my experiences in Nicaragua convinced me that change is happening for the better.

I have some stories and portraits to share of some incredible people I met.

This is Bello Amanecer School in Cuidad Sandino, near Managua. It is a relatively new school for primary and secondary students. These students told us their vision for their education, their rights as youth, and their hopes for their futures. And then, they danced.