Jennifer seeks to tell narratives with the photographs she takes.  In life, she is inspired by experiences, the human condition, flaws, pushing her physical limits, and the mountains. One of her main objectives in photography is to convey the relationship her family has to the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, where they live and play.  Jennifer is also an ER physician in Calgary, Alberta, and she is completing a fellowship in palliative medicine in 2015-2016. A decade of this work has inspired her to begin to photograph the stories of the people she is privileged to care for every day. 

2015 will be a year of risk in life and in art for Jennifer. With this, growth will hopefully follow in the unraveling of some authentic photographic stories.  There is so much to come! She hopes you will join her for the journey.

Jennifer Hughes. Photo by  Dana Pugh.

Jennifer Hughes. Photo by Dana Pugh.